Announcement: Exocharts version 2.3.8 has been released.    Download here

Exocharts Features

Exocharts includes the most advanced and up-to-date features in relation to order flow. All within a simple and easy to navigate UI, here are a few of those features.

Advanced orderflow, fully customisable TPO Profiles

Easy to navigate advanced TPO profiles. All TPO levels with volume profile overlay and completely customisable over time period.

Many chart types
Crypto, Stocks and CME (through dxFeed)
Easy session manager and filtering
1 click Replay

Advanced Depth of Market (DOM) & Tape

Blazing fast Level 2,3 DOM & tape with an intuitive UI, custom tick settings and complete customisability over layout and organisation.

Cluster overlay
Net Longs, Net shorts (crypto)
Trade sized VWAP!
Trade size clustering

Easy to navigate footprint

Fully customisable time frames, multiple chart types, overlay indicators and composite profiles.

Dynamic profiles
Composite profiles
OI, NL, NS profiles
Indicator overlays

Built-in features to help find your edge and setup process

Powerful set of exclusive Indicators

Fully configurable VWAP including anchored VWAP and Trade size VWAP, customisable stacked imbalances, and advanced delta divergences.

Tab groups

Organise a perfect setup for yourself. Keep separate setups with our tab groups feature and a de-anchor mode to make full use of an expandable workspace area.


Easily import and export a complete workspace for a quick and easy setup process.

screenshot 1

Advanced charting software that's actually easy to use

A fully configurable, easy to use, yet advanced orderflow software for traders to find there edge with thousands of ready to use pairs readily available.

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